Toon Cools

Toon’s broad interest, ranging from life sciences to business, is reflected in his PhD in Biotechnology and Master’s degree in General Management (Vlerick). He even found time to initiate studies in Medicine besides publishing in the renowned journal Science as part of his Post-Doc fellowship at UGent/VIB – Dept. Plant Systems Biology. Funny enough, we hired him as our Data Architect because of his hobby - data mining. He makes a huge difference by designing data mining algorithms which enable us to discover and analyze trends, spot emerging directions and turn fuzzy insights into quantitative, substantiated facts. This extraordinary skill that comes on top of his scientific and entrepreneurial mindset puts him in the driver’s seat of our most challenging projects.

The rare occasions that he’s not injured, Toon loves going for a game of football, badminton or a run, of course, if they are not broadcasting American football. In addition, he loves buying board games that he never plays.