Game Changing Technologies

Game Changing Technologies

With a Big Data approach and a set of six tried and tested innovation indicators, our team unveils the early signs of potential disruption in your industry. In this way, we help you to get a head-start and make informed investment or divestment decisions.

Anticipate breakthroughs

CREAX tracks all technological developments — both in- and outside your domain — that could have an impact on your business and its long-term competitiveness. To do so, we have developed a unique, patent-based process to monitor evolutions and identify early signs of emerging novelties. Our goal? Anticipate breakthroughs and allow you to take action. 

How does it work?

  1. After receiving a briefing, we perform a free pre-study to see whether your question can be answered using our `Game-changing study’ algorithms.
  2. Based on a `Game-changing technologies study’, we create a list of technologies, materials and new processes to emerge in your domain in the next two to four years. 
  3. We assess the way each of these items will impact your business in the next ten years, and classify them as either an opportunity or a threat. 
  4. Each of the technologies linked to your challenge will be analyzed according to six `innovation indicators’. These indicators are based on research reports, patent activity, citations, technology drifts and clusters. Together, they form a weighted score of every technology that is linked to your challenge. 
  5. Every six months, we update the Game-changing Technologies and inform you if any changes have arisen. That way, you are constantly on top of possible disruption.

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