Technology Landscaping

Technology Landscaping

Knowing what’s already out there is a first step towards creating something new. That’s why our industry experts make it their business to obtain a comprehensive overview of the status of any technology, both inside and outside your domain.

Exploring the field

When mapping out the status of relevant technology in your field, three things are important:

  • Determining how your current technology compares to the competition;
  • Identifying which technologies are relevant to make further progress;
  • Assessing the value of your technology.
    Good communication and an interesting different angle to the project.
    Jenny Selander, Philip Morris International
    Good communication, short lead-time, useful answers. A real time saver and time is money! Thanks.
    Wouter Maessen, Vishay
    CREAX generated very useful leads for application with our future R&D projects
    Marke Squire, DuPont

How do we accomplish this?

We’ll assess which sources, such as patents, literature and databases to provide the most reliable information;
Then, we’ll build pools of expertise that encompass the technology or required functionality;
We will screen these pools for relevant information;
Afterwards, we will categorize the found technologies according to predefined categories and principles.
Finally, we will provide you with a detailed summary and conclusions.

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