Market Development

Market Development

Thanks to our systematic approach, we discover new applications for your products, technologies and materials.

Increase revenue

Did you know that your product or technology may solve more needs than it does today? Increase your sales by exploring unfamiliar markets and discover new applications for your your products, technologies and materials. Manufacture new products with your machinery or find ways to turn waste into a profitable asset.

    CREAX is different in the sense that they actively tried things. Small experiments, fast checks, delivering samples,… This is valuable as the discussion becomes no longer purely hypothetically.
    Tim Desmet, Agfa
    I highly recommend CREAX for the search of innovative applications, new markets... The method is very productive for this type of projects and CREAX has run the project with success and clarity.
    Laurence Maréchal, Total

How do we work?

In order to identify new market opportunities, CREAX uses a structured approach. 

First, we define your product, technology, material or process in terms of properties and functions. This allows us to map their differentiating properties and estimate to what degree they can be tweaked.
Then, we search for new application domains where a combination of these properties or functions is required. Our engineers explore patent databases, scientific literature and other knowledge sources and combine this research with whole-team ideation sessions to cover every possible angle.
In close collaboration with you, we validate the possible directions based on market attractiveness, expected time to market and technical viability. 
Finally, we provide you with a short list of applications and market combinations with initial feasibility, ready for you to conquer.

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