Product Innovation

Product Innovation

Looking for the next big innovation for your product? Our talented designers and product developers keep you informed without losing track of the end-user. How? By deploying our analytical skill and entrepreneurial creativity.

We don't redesign, we rethink.

We question every aspect of your product. Are you using the right technology and production process? Does your product meet the needs of the end-customer? We will rethink your products and services from the ground up. 

We combine the existing and the new

Our systematic innovation process combines the existing with the new. We match function with technology and recycle validated technologies across industries. The result is a 360° checklist for innovation.

We balance the logical and the creative

True innovation is only possible by combining technological feasibility, human desirability and organizational acceptance. This mindset allows us to focus on the key issues and balance the logical and creative aspects of innovation.


How do we go about it?

  1. We start by uncovering contradictions in the current solution, revealing assumptions and separating value from function
  2. Next up is the inspiration process: we map existing technologies in your industry and search for links with other industries that face similar challenges. 
  3. Based on this long-list of technologies, we turn ideas into concepts, which are then visualized and backed with off-the-shelf technologies and a list of possible suppliers. 

Throughout the entire process, we keep in close contact, informing you about new findings and adjusting the design, where necessary.

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